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Guaranteed Delivery in Grids Project

Funded by NWO

Research Goals

In the vision of grids as a computing utility, similar to the power grid for electricity and the telephone system for voice connections, users should be able to tap their resources and get guaranteed or at least predictable responses. However, in current grids, such guarantees and predictability are all but absent due to the lack of support for reservations in most local resource managers of the sites making up grids, the variability in the grid workloads, the variability in the available grid resources due to failures and to the background load of local users, and the variability of application runtimes. It is the purpose of Guard-G Project to answer the fundamental question to what extent grid schedulers can be built that do give performance guarantees to applications. We will therefore explore novel methods for performance predictions (data- mining techniques, conidence levels, failure inclusion), for application-level and Virtual-Organization-level scheduling (combining malleability and co-allocation in their interface to grid schedulers), and for grid schedulers (overdimensioning, job access control). For the experiments we will use our grid scheduler KOALA on the DAS3 testbed.

You can check the results of our research in the context of the Guard-g project at our publications page. New!


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